教師はAI自動画像ツールをどう使う?How do teachers use midjourney?












Last time, I talked about ChatGPT. This time, I would like to introduce another useful AI tool called “midjourney.” It seems that the day when we will be team teaching with AI is sooner than I think. How should teachers effectively work/use AI?

First, let me briefly explain midjourney to those who don’t know it yet. Midjourney is an AI tool that automatically generates images such as people and landscapes from text. It is used in the fields of design and creativity, and is used in various situations such as website banners, advertisements, presentation materials, and SNS.

This tool is really helpful. Even though I have no artistic talent, I can create incredibly attractive images just by typing in keywords. For teachers, it might be a more useful tool than an electronic blackboard.

Class mascot Mimi

If you are a primary school teacher like me, you can create a class mascot character and incorporate it into class management, which could be effective. The photo that appeared at the beginning of this page was also made with midjourney. By creating photos or illustrations that make students want to “say something,” teachers can increase their motivation. It is also an important task for teachers to create the prime moments when students want to speak up.

A bed made of strawberries
A bed made of marshmallows

For example, you can start with “A new species of animal has been discovered!” and then have students think about the characteristics of that animal and write a story about it based on an interesting photo. There are so many different ways to use it.

The digital native generation has become accustomed to learning through information that enters their eyes. Therefore, I think that using images created by midjourney in class can lead to a deeper understanding of the lesson content and increase learning effectiveness because students can more easily remember what they have seen. Anyway, for the digital native generation, information that enters their eyes is extremely important.

Life in the Jomon period in Japan
Mosaic art “Opera house”
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